PITH Spots The Pain, Will Launch Pwnground

Cyberbullying Is Number One Online Danger, Hacking Is Everything Else On The List — "Heck, Yeah!" Says PITH Founder

Posted on 1st April 2020

Every now and then we hear about hacking incidents, and it lead us to create an Intelligent CTF Platfrom to teach the new generation, you guessed it — hacking. Security practitioners need to always think as an adversary, or, essentially, "think like a hacker." This mindset is necessary during the response to an actual attack, in order to understand the tools, techniques, and goals of the attacker, based on the information collected in the field and Capture The Flag Competitions are perfect for that purpose. "If an Indian has a problem with hacking incidents, well, so do we. And while developing Pwnground for younger generation powered by intellgent algorithms was a bit more complicated than we anticipated, we're pleased to be able to offer it to the users who asked for it." says PITH Founder and Chief technology officer, Piyush Raj.

Relax, we got this!

Unlike other free and commercial CTF platforms, Pwnground is built on the ideology that most visitors (if not all) are relatively new to the security domain. The key features of the platfrom are — It is Interactive, Intelligent & Interesting. According to Raj, PITH will make the preview test version of Pwnground available to a small number of computer aficionados. Meaning, on the following week, a handful of users will begin testing the preview version of Pwnground. With luck, Pwnground will prove useful to them — and most importantly, to the original user who sparked the idea and will get released, soon.

Those interested in learning more about Pwnground can subscribe to get added on the beta-testers list.